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So, I have this card which is working fine if inserted in the official (unknown 'black box' reader).

When taking it apart (it is still working fine) I can clearly see that it is a TI "Tag-it" card.
(you can have a look here: )

According to the official TI documentation this is a "Tag-it™ HF Transponder Inlay Rectangle - Miniature" (part number 'RI-I03-110A') (specs: ) which has been discontinued some time ago.

The "Tag-it" cards are supposed to be ISO15693 compatible.

So, I purchased an OMNIKEY 5553 Multi ISO reader (specs: … _0202.pdf) which should be able to identify and access the card.

Unfortunately it doesn't! This card does not show any signs of life to the reader although it still works fine when INSERTED in the 'black box' reader (the original reader has a slot in which you insert the card).

Any ideas anyone? I am desperate to access this card....

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UPDATE: (replying to myself)

As it happens to be, this card is a Texas Instruments "Tag-it™ HF" 1st generation card which is NOT ISO15693 compatible.
To be more specific:

"The first 13.56 MHz transponder developed by Texas Instruments was the Tag-It HF. This
transponder was part of the technical development that went into the ISO 15693 standard.
However, the original Tag-It HF transponders are not ISO compatible (whereas their
successors, the Tag-It HF-I are ISO compatible – please note the small but significant
difference!). They are still being produced in great numbers and have an installed base of many
millions worldwide. The transponders use a proprietary communication interface of Texas


So, going back to my problem:

does anyone know where I can find a reader (with RS232 or USB connection) which is able to read "Tag-it™ HF" tags?

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TouchSecure Readers from Identive, support HF/LF/15693 cards.

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Thanks for info.

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I saw an Icode-sli tag yesterday that its UID was changeable!
I tested it myself even.after writing on block78! then Icode-sli UID change (UID blocks change by block 78& 79 changing ) just I don't know its source.
did you hear/see about changeable UID(iso-15693) tag before?