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Is libnfc compatible with SCM3712?  SCM3712 utilizes PN533 v2.7, which is used also by SCL3711 (a recommended device for libnfc), however, this device is not listed in libnfc's compatibility matrix.

Technically, what details should I look out for, in order to get the answer from their technical documents / specifications?  I am an application developer, however, I am still a newbie towards NFC and hardware drivers.

Thank you for your time.


Re: Compatibility with SCM3712

Hi Paul,

SCM3712 is not in the compatibility matrix because you're the first one to mention this reader and no one from the development team had a chance to test it yet.
That said, given that you say it's based on PN533 without additional microcontroller and that some versions claims compatibility with NFC p2p, I'm pretty confident it should work the same as SCL3711.
I could not find the product on the new Identive website (former SCM) but I found a datasheet here: … cm3712.pdf

Be careful that apparently there are three versions of SCM3712:
* SCM3712
* SCM3712 NFC
* SCM3712 EA: same as NFC but requires external antenna

So you need SCM3712 NFC if you want to use it also for the NFC fonctionalities.
I see the SCM3712 (non-NFC) claims slightly better reading range so they probably boosted a bit the analog part with the consequence of disrupting NFC support (my guess) in a similar way ASK LoGO improves ISO14443B at the cost of NFC compatibility.

Final remark: as for SCL3711 you should be able to use it with libnfc at the condition that you don't use the PCSC driver

We'll be happy to hear about your experience with this reader.


Re: Compatibility with SCM3712

Hi Phil

Thank you for your great effort and prompt reply!

I read the documents and realized that SCM3712 is only P2P passive while SCL3711 is P2P compatible.  However, both devices utilizes the same chip and firmware; is it possible that SCM3712 is also P2P active compatible when used with libnfc?  And will the lack of P2P active capability affect compatibility with other NFC devices?

And sure!  I'll share my experience here as soon as I get my hands on it smile

Thanks and many thanks!

Re: Compatibility with SCM3712

Hi Paul

Honestly I don't have any clue why it only claims passive mode compatibility.

Possible incompatibility with other NFC devices:
According to … ements.pdf only passive mode support (as initiator as well as target) is mandatory so there shouldn't be any problem.

Good luck!

Re: Compatibility with SCM3712

Hi Phil

Got your message! smile  Thank you so much once more!


Re: Compatibility with SCM3712

I can confirm the SCM3712 works with libnfc 1.5.1 and libnfc 1.7.0 ( only two versions I tried ). I got the SCM3712 working on windows 8.1 and was able to read and write Mifare Classic 1K cards.