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Topic: Mifare Rfid 1K Authentication Failed

Good evening,

I am using Backtrack Linux 5R3, with the newest libnfc and mfoc.

I dumped a mifare rfid 1K card and managed to retreive some keys.

However sector 1-4 is still unknown.

After that I tried to edit some values and wrote the data back to a blank card. It worked for 1 time. If I try to write to the same blank card again I get an authentication error message in block 1-4, because I cant retreive the keys with mfoc.

what can I do to write unlimited times to the card ?

I would provide Images, but I cannot upload pictures and post links because I have to less rights in the forum.

Is my only possibility to use mfcuk to get the keys and add them later via mfoc -k to mfoc ?

I read a little bit more and I think I wrote unchangeable ACLS to the Card ....

Is it possible to write for example only to sector 15 with mfoc ? so that i dont write a full dump to the card?