Topic: LibNfc on Linux for newbie

Hi All ,
I am new developer in NFC,
I am plan to use NXP PN547 chip.
As far as I know there is no Libnfc release for the PN547 chip.
My question is :
1. Can I use the previos version (PN53X) with this chip ?
2. Can I turn Android version to Linux easyly ?


Re: LibNfc on Linux for newbie


I don't have access to PN547 datasheet so I can't tell if it is compiliant, but I'm pretty sure that's not.

As we don't have this datasheet, we can't implement it on libnfc.

About Android build, some tried and success¹ to build and use libnfc under Android but their work need to be updated.

[1] … o-android/

Romuald Conty