Topic: libnfc windows binaries package

So, from other posts it seems that people have trouble with the Windows build.
I'm happy to work on providing a pre-built package, but my question for the maintainers are:

1. What do they want in the zip files?
    As of now, the current build makes a package containing nothing but exes, dlls, header and lib. No readme, no license, or anything else.

2. Who should I hand them off to? Or where should I host them?

3. Build wise, CMake isn't exactly friendly with packaging debug/release in the same zip. I'm guessing I'd provide a debug vs. regular zip. Any objections?

4. Lastly, this is a "naked" zip devoid of all 3rd party dependencies (libusb or pcre), and it's not an installer. I'm of the Windows developer mentality of zips, not installers.


Re: libnfc windows binaries package

Having trouble with windows build on x64 Windows 7. Is it possible you provide your working Release? The issues I am having are with libusb and pcre. Thanks for any help or direction.