Topic: Testing Libnfc

I can't find any documentation regarding this, so I thought I'd toss it out there.
A question for the developers:

What is your standard test hardware and routine to validate libnfc functionality?

I've been doing the Windows builds and running a couple of the utilities and examples to verify they run, but I feel that's a pretty lightweight test.

So, what hardware and tags do you suggest a libnfc developer have to verify libnfc functionality?
And what steps do you take to verify everything?

Re: Testing Libnfc

Hi, it's an excellent question!

I've created today a page on the wiki to try to centralize all aspects of testing:

You're very welcome to comment, use, suggest testing strategies.


Re: Testing Libnfc


I'll have to see about the cutter testing at least for Windows to see if I can get that running.

I'm lacking a whole lot of the tags to test against, as well as readers other than the SCL3711.
I suppose I'll look to invest in picking up some of those tags other than basic Mifare cards I have.