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I have gotten to play with some Google Nexus S phones :-)
I thought you might like to add the nfc-anticol (Anti-Collision Program) info to the "Hardware -> Known Tags -> 14443" page.

ATQA: 00 08       [Same as Nokia 6131 - MIFARE Classic 4k]
SAK : 40
ATS: None given

UID is 4 bytes long and always seems to be in the form of:

UID : 08 xx xx xx

So potentially they are only using 24 unique bits.

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That's quiet normal... When you emulate target you have to put 0x08 as first UID byte (means "Random UID) then at least 3 randomly choosen bytes.

Romuald Conty

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That's very interesting, thank you.  I'll have to start experimenting with tag emulation.

Were you still looking for information like what I included above from different devices to add to the website?

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Thank You!! big_smile