Topic: NO NFC Device found in fc14

Hello all,

I am new to libnfc. I have ACR122u Reader and 14443-4Type A cards. I want to read/write to the smart card, so I have installed libnfc-1.4.2 and installed pcsc-lite-1.6.4.
then I did
make install

then I tried to run the  executables like below then the error is coming like this. so please help me.

[root@localhost examples]# ./nfc-list
/home/cdot/Downloads/libnfc-1.4.2/examples/.libs/lt-nfc-list use libnfc 1.4.2 (r891)
No NFC device found.

Boidi Purushotham

Re: NO NFC Device found in fc14


Did you read carefully README file, in particular "Toubleshooting" section ? … unk/README

BTW, its now recommanded to use a newer version.

Romuald Conty