Topic: More information about Jewel Topaz tags

Dear user,

On the main website I was trying to expand the information about jewel tags.
They are often referred to as NFC Forum Type 1 tags.

This tags are compatible to modulation described in the ISO14443-A. But in general they only support the ATQA frame. In this frame the flag for proprietary protocol is set and is followed by a custom (non-public?) protocol.

Since I'm very interested in learning about new tags I hope someone can supply me one of these tags.
Please contact me if you can help me out.

Thanks a lot in advance, cheers,


Re: More information about Jewel Topaz tags

If it's of use, I've found a copy of a Topaz-related datasheet on the ACS Website; and it appears that you can still buy 512 byte transponders from Identive.

I've downloaded a copy of the aforementioned datasheet; and I'll probably buy some (if there's any left), soon.