Topic: MFCUK - MiFare Classic Universal toolKit

Few months ago, Andrei Costin works on tk-libnfc-crapto1, a toolkit that allow to retrieve Mifare Classic keys without knowing them.

Renamed MFCUK for MiFare Classic Universal toolKit, this project based on libnfc provide a simply command line to recove whole keys of a Mifare Classic in few minutes.

Now, this project is looking for contributors to bring MFCUK works with libnfc 1.3.9, I already did some works be applying API changes to MFCUK but I can't get it works with the lastest libnfc. If somebody have some knowledge in Mifare Classic hacking and wants to improve this tool, please contact me or Andrei Costin to gain an SVN access to MFCUK project.

Romuald Conty